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The High Houses

Dalastar—Until recently, the royal family of Astridia, until the Night of Screams, when everyone residing in the royal palace was mysteriously slaughtered.

Hawkwing—Led by Iron Duchess, Lady Bryn, House Hawkwing is one of the four Great Houses (including the Royal family of Dalastar) and has the strongest military in the kingdom. Over half the soldiers and officers within the Argent Guard come from this High House, and its military academies are widely considered the greatest in the world.

Fontaine—The Great House Fontaine rules over the southern coast of Astridia. The family is descended from a foreign invading force that had conquered and occupied the kingdom centuries ago before the then barbaric clans of Astridia banded together and threw their occupiers back to the sea. A small faction, in a bid to survive the attack from those they had oppressed, offered to turn traitor against their own kind and aid the barbarians. Their descendants are now the Fontaine.

Darcy—Not one of the three Greater Houses, Darcy is still a High House of Astridia. It is a frugal, careful house, that doesn’t like making waves. As such, it has never earned itself any real enemies, but has also never earned itself any kind of glory.




Notable Organisations.

Argent Guard—The Shining Knights of the Argent Guard are without house. Their sole purpose is to protect the king and enforce his laws. They are a neutral force that has kept the other High Houses from declaring open war on each other.

Other Denizens

Orcs—Squat and loathsome, twisted by their own rage, orc clans are scattered throughout the wilderness of Astridia, a thorn in the side of many a lord.

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